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Isabelle offers Intuitive Guidance and Mediumship readings to support her clients in their journey of healing and awakening so that they can embody their true selves, reach their full potential, and fulfil their soul's purpose in this life time.

Isabelle is a natural intuitive, and uses her psychic senses to bring through guidance on topics such as relationships, career, health, or important life decisions. Her intention is always to bring through exactly what the client needs to hear in that moment in order to move forward on their life path and empower them to create a life they truly want to live.

As a medium, Isabelle brings through uplifting channeled messages from her spirit guides, as well as connecting with loved ones who have passed over in order to bring through messages of love and healing from the spirit world.

Isabelle works holistically during a reading, drawing on her knowledge of and experience with modalities such as Reiki, Breathwork and Art Therapy.