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Peter Psychic Reader

Join Peter in a life changing conversation. Be guided as you go within to cut through stories and layers as you embark on the deep inner journey of transformation.

Peter’s colourful life has taken him many places both physically and spiritually; from struggle, self loathing and desperation he can pinpoint the pivotal moment of choice that changed his life forever. It is this awakening that seeded his connection with the energetic flow of life, potential and potent change. After pulling himself up from rock-bottom self- discovery became life's primary purpose.

After a busy and successful career running his own luxury meal brand, cooking as an elite chef for the rich, billionaires, royals and famous folk another major life shift happened whilst hiking in Peru which led Peter to walk away from business to begin his life's work.

Bringing about change in peoples lives has been Peters primary practice and passion ever since. Weaving together knowledge and wisdom in Shamanism, Psychotherapy, Plant Medicine and Ancestral Clearing with his life experience Peter holds a space for you to discover your truth, your purpose and how to put it in to action.

Allow Peter to guide you through a life changing conversation to a place where nothing can hold you back.