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Types of Witches | Which one are you?

by Clare Botfield on October 16, 2021
When the average Joe thinks of a Witch, let’s predict they visualise that of Glenda the Good Witch or the Wicked Witch of the West from the dearly loved, The Wizard of Oz. We all know that’s not quite the case, our community is like any other, there’s a whole variety of Witches out there. Whilst we may at a fundamental level have a lot of commonalities, there’s really no one size (or practice) fits all. Over the years, we have built upon the Traditional Witchcraft and have expanded to be more inclusive, bear in mind there is still room to grow. Though for now, our diverse community is so large that for this blog I could only delve into six types of witches! 

I’d like to start off with a disclaimer that there’s no “one size fits all” as mentioned above, and that finding your craft is a very personal and intuitive process. This blog highlights just the tip of the witches hat & is not intended to come across as excluding other witches and their practices. We are all valid and all important. Also, for those who are new to the world and are just starting their journey by doing their research, please do not feel pressured to label yourself as one or the other. You will find that most witches identify as eclectic, which generally means they pull elements of various practices into their own craft.

I hope this blog provides some insight and assists you with your journey to fine tune your work and what best represents you and your Craft. We tend to be strongest using elements that resonate most with ourselves, so keep that in mind when finding your practice. For now, below is a list of fairly common Witches and their chosen Craft.

Garden/Green Witch

If you have a strong affiliation with Mother Earth and all things nature, then you may be so inclined towards the practice of a Garden Witch. Also commonly known as a Green Witch, or Nature Witch, your main interests or source of power will come from the earthly elements. Green Witches tend to work alongside the Fae, animals, and earth spirits. They love being out in nature, deep within the forest, swimming in lakes or oceans, climbing mountains, and most importantly, tending to their own garden(s). A Garden Witch will have an interest in studying the likes of herbs, flowers, plants, animals, and may even be an activist for environmental sustainability and practices. Perhaps you have been labelled the “crazy plant person” before and are known to be a bit of a green thumb. You spend your free time outside, soaking up the rays of the sun, as that’s your way of re-energising - just like your plants! Green Witches draw their magick from nature and mostly perform rituals and spells in-tune with the seasons.

Crystals best suited for a Garden Witch include; Tree Agate, Moss Agate, Gaia Stone, Green Aventurine, and Rainforest Rhyolite. 

Crystal Witch

Now if you’re anything like me, and are utterly obsessed with crystals and their benefits, then you may be a Crystal Witch! With the aid of crystals, Crystal Witches focus their magick on healing and manifesting. Crystals are known for their healing energies due to their ability to raise one's own vibration. Known as the crystalline structure, crystals emit this unwavering, constant high vibration, that when met with a lower vibration, has the ability to actually raise, in turn, providing a sense of healing qualities through an energetic level, which can therefore fast track our own physical healing. Crystal Witches not only use crystals to tend to ailments on all levels, but utilise the energy to place power behind their spell work and manifestations. With the unison of crystals, our minds, and intentions, the Crystal Witch is nothing short of powerful! If you’re drawn to crystals, rocks, stones alike, appreciate the gift of nature, find colour therapy helpful, and perhaps find yourself attracted to the study of geology, then you may be heading down the Crystal Witch path! Now with that being said, crystals best suited for the Crystal Witch is…well… every single crystal!

Cosmic/Lunar Witch

Commonly known as Astrology Witches, their fascination and connection with the skies, stars, moon and planets are unparalleled. With the fundamental belief that what happens above in the cosmos is a direct correlation to what happens on Earth, Cosmic Witches focus their study on astrological transits, moon phases, and intertwining that with their own natal birth charts. A strong belief is that as we are born, we are given a blueprint, a snapshot of the skies, that presents past, present and future forecasts of not only ourselves as an individual, but as a collective, sometimes generational viewpoint too. Lunar Witches are incredibly in tune with the Moon and her lunar cycles. They draw their power from the Moon and perform certain spells and rituals depending on the phase of the moon. If you find yourself fascinated by the cosmos, and love spending your time outdoors at night stargazing or just staring at the moon, then look further into the practices of our Cosmic Witches.

Crystals that will help connect you to the above are; Moonstone, Selenite, Opal, Labradorite, and Lapis lazuli.

Kitchen Witch

Found mainly in the kitchen or their apothecary, our humble Kitchen Witch usually performs their spell work whilst baking/cooking, growing their own produce, especially herbs and spices, and incorporating those in foods and drinks, even potions! With the love and intent that is placed within their baked goods, the Kitchen Witch purpose is to heal the mind, body and soul. This may not be as ‘ceremonial’, but it certainly brings magick into the everyday. It’s as simple as stirring your hot cuppa with an intention or spell. If you’re a bit of a chef and enjoy cooking, or just like making your own wild concoctions of sorts, perhaps you even enjoy domestic duties that many would rather escape from, and drink a godly amount of tea…then hello Kitchen Witch!

Some great crystals to create elixirs with are; Shungite, Clear quartz, Citrine, Black tourmaline, Rose Quartz, Carnelian, and Amethyst! Please note, some crystals are toxic so please do your research before creating elixirs! 

Divination Witch

The Divination Witch focuses primarily on divination practices, from tarot & oracle, pendulum, scrying, runes, tea leaf reading, meditation, and connecting to your inner guides/higher being. To them, it’s most important to incorporate these divination practices to their everyday life, or at least in ceremonial rituals. A Divination Witch may draw power from the earthly elements, mediation, or with the help of seasonal changes that open portals and lower the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds. For those highly in-tuned with their intuition, have the ability to hear, see, or sense what others can’t, find themselves as an empath, and have the uncanny ability to predict the future, then you have an outstanding gift that is best met with the Divination Witch. You may have a natural ability, but if not, one can always develop psychic abilities through the use of meditation, crystals, and of course, lots of practise.

To assist with this development, pick out crystals that unlock your third eye and crown chakra; examples are; Amethyst, Spirit Quartz, Azurite, Lapis Lazuli, Angelite, Danburite, Celestine, and Labradorite. 

Eclectic Witch

Already feeling pretty overwhelmed by the various types of witches there are, and now find yourself struggling to ‘choose’ one? Then create your own ‘type’ under the name of an Eclectic Witch! Nowadays the majority of witches may identify as eclectic, it’s as simple as pulling different witchcraft practices that align with you, and your needs, to then create your own, free, Craft.
Some witches may appreciate the label and the sense of belonging to a type of community that may come with it, other’s are indifferent, or despise a label, and prefer the freedom to be whichever Witch they feel is right to them. If we strip everything back, what truly matters is that you find a practice that suits you, one that you cherish and enjoy, with which makes you feel spiritually complete. 

I also want to pay respects and acknowledgements to all other types of witches and witchcraft that have not been mentioned, thank you for existing. 
- Grace 🧚🏼‍♀️