crystal meanings and properties
Some of our crystal pieces will give you the option to choose a specific crystal. If you are choosing between crystal A,B,C or D, you will receive the crystal in the picture. The rest of our crystal listings display an indicative picture only. This means you'll receive a crystal of the same stone and style as the one in the picture, but not exactly the same. As crystals are a gift from Mother Earth, each is completely unique in its appearance.
You may like to cleanse your crystal when you receive it, as it's been on a little journey to get to you. You can also set an intention with your crystal, and let it know why you have brought it into your life and how it can best support you. Then find its new home in your space and enjoy!
You can cleanse the energy of your crystals in fresh, running water, a saltwater bath, under the Moon, in the Earth, with sacred smoke, or with another crystal such as Selenite or Clear Quartz. Some crystals are too delicate for saltwater, so do check first if your crystal can have a saltwater bath.
We source our crystals carefully from ethical suppliers that we have developed relationships with over many years. We choose not to stock crystals that cannot be sourced ethically and sustainably.
We have many unique, individual pieces in our shop in Eumundi that aren't listed in our online store. If there's something specific you'd like, you can email us at to check if we may have it. It's not always possible for us to custom order, as the crystals we have access to vary each time. Please do ask and we'll see what we can do.
We recommend that you cleanse your crystal and charge it with your intentions, then see how it feels. You can find the details of our Exchange and Return Policy here.