crystal meanings and properties

These pages are a compendium of information about the energetic properties of crystals. Since the beginning of Human Kind our beautiful treasures from the Crystal Realm have offered divinatory insights, vibrational healing and power to our Rituals and practices. They have been honoured, revered, sought after and traded since the dawn of our days and it is in our nature to connect with and utilise their energy to enhance our lives. The information in these pages is a combination of my own intuitions and experience as well as snippets of valuable information from texts on crystals by other reliable Crystal Workers (reference list below).


It is important to remember that working with crystals is about having the tools to assist us to do the necessary work on ourselves. If serious issues are present it is always important to seek professional advice and help.


Grounding, vitality, clarity, confidence, trust, ancient knowledge, earth healing, messages from nature.


Agate, Blue Lace                              

Voice, gentle, soothing, calming the nerves, speaking with eloquence, connection to the Divine.

Agate, Dendritic

Growth, wisdom through inner work, shadow work, overcoming self-destructive emotions

Agate, Holly Blue

Bringing spirit into matter, psychic abilities, high vibration, awakening

Agate, Leopard skin

Agate, Moss

Connection to natural realms, embracing nature, grounding, connection to Earth, manifesting, peace, perseverance, persistence.

Agate, Tree Lace

Connection to nature, love of plants and gardening,  plant devas, nature spirits, Earth energy.


Joy, wisdom, release of sorrow, inner exploration, Divine love


Truth, communications, trust, intuition, regeneration, calm, creativity, going with the flow of life.


Shining light, healing, vitality, clearing, grounding, astral knowledge, transmuting negativity, Solar energy.



Intuition, calming, sobering, accessing wisdom, bringing peace, protection, healing, divine guidance.


Mental clarity, spiritual harmony, creativity, flow of ideas

Angel Aura Quartz

Serenity, connection to Angels and the Divine, peace, calm, uplifting, past life recall, honouring beauty.


Tranquility, Guardian Angels and benevolent beings, intuition, clairvoyance, visions, peace, stillness.

Apache Tear Obsidian

Solace, overcoming grief and heartbreak, forgiveness, solidarity, wisdom, purification, protection.


Goals, manifestation, will power, positive attitude, clearing negative blocks,  shining light on the path ahead.


Purity, windows into other worlds, visions, premonitions, raising vibration, divinity.

Aqua Aura Quartz

Authenticity, high vibration, soothing, calming, uniqueness, truth, aura-cleansing, light energy, psychic protection.


Calm, soothing, cooling, calming, diffusing anger and conflict, promoting truthful communications, protection

Aragonite - sputnik

Stay strong, “This too will pass” Relieves overwhelm, brings strength, courage and perseverance, balance.


Illumination, shining the light on the darkest corners of the psyche, multidimensional awareness, self knowledge.

Aventurine - Blue

Responsibility, Life Path, self discipline, overcome bad habits, empowerment, inspiration, creativity.


Aventurine - Green

Good luck, optimism, freshness, happiness, good fortune, gratitude, blessings,

heart space.


Clairvoyance, visions, psychic activation, intuition, inner-knowing, truth, assimilating information

Black Tourmaline

Protection, grounding, protection, purification, clearing bad vibes, banishing, release worry and anxiety.


Vitality, strength, courage,  physical health, purification, removing negativity, emotional detox.

Bo-Ji Stones


Expansion, divine connection, spiritual growth, channelling, manifesting, surrender.

Calcite, Blue

Intuition, creative inspiration, gentle flow of divine guidance, visions, psychic abilities, truth, clarity, calm

Calcite, Clear

Insight, calming, soothing, peaceful, clarity, letting go, forgiveness, finding the highest path.

Calcite, Green

Relax, uplifting, calming, gently softening the emotions and soothing the heart. rejuvenating sleep.

Calcite, Honey/Gold

Will power, confidence, personal power, new directions, higher purpose alignment, manifesting abundance.


Fertility, potentiality, brining forth ideas into reality, creative power, vitality, sexuality, manifestations.


Eloquence, understanding messages from spirit, clairvoyance, mediumship, perception, clear communications.


Higher realms, high vibration, divine connection, spirit guides, peace and calm, relaxation, intuition.

Chalcedony, Blue

Harmony, work/life balance, personal growth, creative, intuitive, telepathy, anxiety relief, peace, calm.

Chalcedony, Grape

Transformation, deep meditation, goddess devotion, intuition, psychic vision, protection, security, confidence, inner peace.




Life purpose, spiritual lessons, growth after challenge, signs, symbols, messages, subtle energies, self improvement.


Compassion, communication,  goddess energy, divine feminine, power in gentleness, truth, articulation, responsibility.


Rejuvenation, refreshing, the energy of the Spring, blossoming, new growth, natural progressions, generosity


Alchemy, the merchants stone, abundance, business goals, achievements, buying, selling, manifestations, bending reality.


Abundance, joy, optimism, positive energy flow, friendships,  financial wealth, fertility, manifestation, power.


Wisw Woman, conducting and amplifying spiritual energy, Earth wisdom, natural remedies, respect.


Dalmatian Stone

Fun, inner child, optimism, joy, playfulness, light-heartedness, trust in stressful situations, youth


Peace, communication with spirit and benevolent beings, serenity, release negative patterns, realignment, release.


Intensity, radiance, sovereignty, access to Divine energies, spiritual initiation


Forgiveness, releasing behavioural patterns, healing past lives for the now, understanding soul contracts.


Dragons Blood

Courage, energy and embodiment of Dragons, strength, vitality, grounding, protection, confidence, warrior spirit.


Intuition, Third Eye activation, psychic abilities, cognitive development, mental enhancement, happiness, non-reaction.

Elestial Quartz

Soul purpose, alignment with the Divine, filling the aura with love, light and joy, channelling, mediumship.


Self love, abundance of love and good fortune. Emotional healing, courage, vitality,, soul purpose, compassion

Emerald/Beryl (Green)


Self worth, creating space in life to follow your heart and  honour your needs. Hearts desire, wishes, purpose

Faden Quartz

Physical healing, mending broken bones and cellular damage, healing after surgery, twin flames, soul mates.

Fluorite, Aqua

Fluorite, Blue

Fluorite, Gold

Fluorite, Green

Fluorite, Purple

Fluorite, Rainbow

Focus, mental enhancement, increased memory, clearing energy field, multi-tasking & decision making.

Fluorite, White


Power, passion, vitality, personal strength, grounding, drive, desire, physical body, abundance, stress relief.


Healer's Gold

Healing, bringing the physical body into health and alignment on all levels, energy boost, taking action, decisiveness.


Grounding, manifesting spiritual purpose in the physical, bridging between heaven and earth. Mental clarity.


Psychic, intuition, telepathy, angelic realms, personal growth, communicating truth, good relationships, higher purpose.

Herkimer Diamond

Spiritual Light, high vibration, energy boost, amplification, enhancement, purity, clarity, divinity.


Peace, relieves stress, overcomes grief, calms the busy mind, assists with getting a good nights sleep.


Health, abundance, heart healing

Jasper, Brown

Jasper, Leopard Skin

Jasper, Ocean

Rythm of life, happiness, optimism, challenges will pass, new opportunities will arise, soul purpose, emotional healing, stress relief.

Jasper, Picture

Connection with Earth, inner journeying, sacred civilisations, dream work, visioning

Jasper, Red

Vitality, grounding, strength, stamina, passion, creative energy, nurture, letting go of guilt and old hurts.


Psychic protection, purification and grounding in magic, spell work and journeys to other realms, aligning with the divine flow of the universe.

Kunzite, Clear

Kunzite, Green (Hiddenite)

Kunzite, Pink/Lavender

Love, emotional healing, opening to divine love, unconditional love, letting go of hurts and traumas.


Visions, enhancing psychic ability, accessing knowledge and healing from past life recall, life purpose.

Kyanite, Blue

Clearing, aura cleansing, intuition, mental capacity, lucid dreaming, astral traveling dream interpretation.

Kyanite, Green

Find yourself, accessing our true nature through reconnecting with Mother Earth, hearts desire, personal truth.


Magic, alchemy, destiny, integrity, protection, unseen realms. Working with the natural laws of the universe to create and manifest.

Lapis Lazuli

Leadership, virtues, high moral values, truth, creativity, visions, clairvoyance, psychic awareness, communication

Lapis Lingoes


Dolphin energy, joyous, fun and playful, calming, cooling, powerful feminine energy, divine goddess, release fear.

Lemurian Seed Quartz

Love and light, seeds of divine wisdom and knowledge from our Lemurian ancestors. Purity, divinity, Earth love


Release, feminine energy,  releasing trauma and old hurts, letting go, peaceful, restful, intuition transition.

Lithium Quartz

Sleep, deep peace, relieving insomnia, worry and stress, combating depression, aligning with our highest purpose.


Higher perspective, wishing and manifesting, shamanic work, nature connection, seeing visioning, knowledge.


Embrace the new, adventures, new places, new friends. Childbirth the midwifes stone,, grounding spirit into body. Earth love and natural magic.


Alchemy, magic, psychic ability, inter-dimensional travel, shadow aspects, darker realms, wholeness, insight.


Interdimensional travel and communication, Kundalini activation, spiritual awakening, access to Akashic Records


Transformation, spiritual purpose, soul alignment, living truth, transcending negative emotions, galactic guides.


Tribe, inner child, joy for life, physical healing, positive attitude, connections to ancestors soul family.


New beginnings, attuning with the Moon, goddess energy, divine feminine, fertility, the cyclic nature of life.

Mother of Pearl

Obsidian, Black

Psychic protection, cleansing, clearing, grounding, removing bad vibes, magic, safety, power.

maintaining integrity, journey to other  realms.

Obsidian, blue green

Heart opening, soothing, assisting meditation, removing emotional hooks from the Aura, releasing fears and phobias

Obsidian, Green (Gaia Stone)

Earth Magic, connection to nature and Mother Earth, syncing with natural rhythms, womens protection, faeries

Obsidian, Mahogany

Removing blocks holding you back, release old wounds, overcome perceived limitations

Obsidian, Snowflake

Purity, releasing negative patterns, past life recall, animal totems, spirit communications, spirit guides, psychic protection.


Releasing fear, grounding, protection, overcoming phobia, mental discipline and focus, dedication, magic, spiritual transformation.


Purification, chakra balancing, attract Angelic beings

Opal, Pink

Tranquility, peace, love, innocence, healing matters of the heart, releasing stuck emotions and old hurts, healing emotional pain.


Transition, success and achievement, communication, connection to light beings and the angelic realms, friendships, verbalising feelings.


Peridot (Olivine)

Prosperity, well-being, courage to manifest heart's desire


Interdimensional travel, inner visions, third-eye activation


Harmony, bringing peace, clearing disharmonious energy, opening the heart, amplifying heart energy, spiritual growth.


The healers stone, the stone to replenish the heart of those who give energy to others. Inner peace, aligning will power with the hearts truth.


Strength, physical energy, vitality, stamina, masculine energy, confidence, power, standing up for yourself.

Quartz, Clear

Amplification, white light, all round healing, clarity, purity, positive energy, cleansing and clearing.

Quartz, Phantom

Heal the past, self-development, letting go of trauma

Quartz, Rose

Love, gentleness, emotional healing, stress relief, romance, soul mates, divinity, heart opening

Quartz, Rutilated

Fast action, healing, manifestation, handling overwhelm, infuses energy field with light

Quartz, Smokey

Grounding, transmutation of negative energies, anxiety relief, organisation, manifesting dreams

Quartz, Tourmilinated

Harmony, grounding, healing, cleansing, purifying, tranquility

Rainforest Rhyolite

Earth, loving connection to plants, animals and all living things, Earth healing, devic realms, joy and grounding.


Emotional healing, self-love, compassion


the gift of giving, filling the heart with love and joy though generosity and altruism, finding your talents, self worth, love.



Life force, courage, passion, strength, enthusiasm

Ruby in Fuchsite

Independence, heart healing, psychic awareness, connection with spirit realm, remove blocks to love

Ruby in Zoisite

Vitality, joy, life force. awakening true self, presence, spiritual growth, healing


Awareness, discipline, inner knowing, intuition, psychic visions


Protection, optimism, confidence, happiness


Higher heart, inner peace, tranquility, relaxation, inter-dimensional travel, head heart connection

Selenite (Gypsum)

Clearing, transmuting negative energies, raising vibration, spiritual activation, communion with angels

Selenite, Desert Rose

Dedication, gentle perseverance, realisation of dreams, commitment to a goal


Angelic Realm, self-healing, regeneration, wholeness, angelic connection, alignment, Divine Feminine


Regeneration, transformation, rebirth, creativity, finding your true purpose, sexuality, fertility, psychic protection


Intuition, mediumship, communication of wisdom from higher realms, connection to inner realms

Shiva Lingam

Unity, Kundalini activation, vitality and prana, spiritual rebirth, enlightenment


EMF protection, physical healing, stress reduction, anxiety relief, immune system booster


Self expression, harmony, creativity, communication, awareness of Universal truths, trust, intuition, inspiration

Sugilite (royal Azel)

Psychic protection, love, protection from negative entities, letting go of stress, removing negative attachments.


Smiles, benevolence, strength, leadership, abundance, blessings, joy, enlightened masculine energy


Extra terrestrials, enhance telepathic communications, raise vibrations, expand consciousness.

Tiger's Eye, Blue

Tiger's Eye, Gold

Balance, courage, motivation, good luck, balance, inspiration, shapeshifting, focus on true passion.

Tiger's Eye, Red

Topaz, Blue

Communication, enhanced mental clarity, magnifies psychic abilities

Topaz, Clear

Spirituality, mental clarity, psychic gifts, focused manifestation

Topaz, Gold

Manifestation, creativity, achieving higher path

Topaz, Smokey

Tourmaline, Black

Grounding, protection, purification, clearing bad vibes, banishing, release worry and anxiety.

Tourmaline, Blue (Indicolite)

Channeling, psychic mediumship, communication with spirit, easing the fear of death

Tourmaline, Green

Heart healing, joy, happiness, compassion, Earth healing, heart healing, energy flow

Tourmaline, Pink (Rubellite)

Happiness, loving energy, stress relief, lift depression, soothe anxiety, ritual protection, passion for life


Courage, master healer, warrior, protection, wisdom, calm, soothe emotional wounds, relieve stress, tranquility


Yin Yang,  balance masculine and feminine energies, release anger, tap into  past lives, patience and persistence


Mind power, mental clarity, break through writer’s block, improve energy, levels, stimulate creativity.


Leap of faith, help find solutions, alleviates despair, trust in spirit, promotes joy, peace, harmony, past lives.


Creativity, manifestation, sexuality, alchemy, connection to Earth, determination

Zircon (Hyacinth)

Chakra activation, life force, focus, manifestation


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