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How To Use Crystals | Beginner's Guide

by Clare Botfield on August 06, 2021

Once you’ve found your crystal, or better yet, once the crystal has found you, it’s time to implement a ritual to incorporate working with crystals into your daily life, or as you see fit. 
First, and most importantly, you must cleanse your chosen crystal(s) before working with them. Crystals naturally pick up energy from their surroundings and those who may have handled them from before. It’s also worth cleansing after every use, especially after intense healing sessions, so as to maintain the crystals optimum power. 
Cleansing is very much an intuitive process. There’s numerous ways to cleanse a crystal ranging from smudging, placing outside in the Full Moon, running water, breath-work, burying the stone within the Earth, intention, or anything your intuition wishes you to do. 
Now that your crystal is cleansed, it’s time to charge and program the crystal with your intention. To do this, simply be with your crystal and get to know one another. Do your research and truly understand what the properties of the stone can assist you with, aligning your intentions with the metaphysical properties of the stone will increase the ability to manifest/heal. 
Hold the crystal in your hand and visualise your intention flowing from within you to your chosen stone. Once you feel like the crystal has been programmed with your intention, you may work with it as you wish.

There’s numerous ways of working with crystals, you can carry them with you throughout the day, have them placed strategically around the house/garden, create crystal grids to really enhance your intention, keep them safely aside for future use in rituals (e.g. New/Full Moon, Wheel of the Year, Witchcraft rituals), and ultimately, you can work with them for meditation and healing. If you’re a beginner, I would suggest starting off meditating with your chosen stone first to build your intuition and spirituality, so that in future you have a stronger, more natural ability to work with your stones for healing and manifesting. All you need is to take 5 - 10 minutes (or more - again, listen to your gut), find a quiet, peaceful spot and sit with your programmed crystal. Make this your daily self care practice. 
In a more scientific approach, crystals have a perfect, repetitive atomic structure that is consistent and unwavering, usually referred to as their ‘crystalline pattern’. The organised crystalline pattern is the most stable form of matter in our universe, it constantly vibrates at a level with which can raise our own vibrations. This is ultimately why, for thousands and thousands of years, we have worked with crystals for healing and much, much more. 
Working with crystals truly has the ability to improve your general state of wellbeing, and some may even say, quality of life. If you’re ready to start your crystal journey check out our Crystal Starter Kit Collection.