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Rose Quartz Crystal Yoni Eggs Set of Three
Jade Crystal Yoni Egss Set of Three
Jade Crystal Yoni Egss Set of Three
Rose Quartz Crystal Yoni Eggs Set of Three



      Quality Yoni eggs sets available in Jade and Rose Quartz. These are beautiful crystals, carved into an egg shape that come in sets of 3 sizes to cater for all women.

      The Yoni Egg is an ancient, sacred tool for spiritual transformation. Each crystal has unique properties that can affect your body in many different ways. 

      Rose Quartz – Often referred to as the Love Stone. Rose quartz corresponds strongly to the Heart chakra, it helps dissolve the barriers and blockages we have against feeling, giving and receiving the energy of love.

      Jade – Communicates with the Heart chakra. The Jade egg helps connect our heart with our passion, it energetically balances the water of the body and connects you with the earth. It is especially helpful for the kidneys and female reproductive system. It is a very grounding, calming, balancing and protective stone that promotes self love and well being.

      The Yoni Egg practice originated in China, where they have been used for thousands of years by woman pre- and post-birth to strengthen muscles, restore harmony, increase sexual sensitivity and more.

      Each set comes beautifully boxed.