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Apache Tear Obsidian Crystal Meaning:

Apache Tears are precious little stones that are said to be formed from the tears shed by women who tragically lost their husbands in battle. They hold the strength and solidarity of a group of women moving through adverse times to continue on as brave mothers and grandmothers of the Earth, despite their grief and loss.

These stones help us use the physical Earth walk to learn important soul lessons, and are sources of ancient spiritual knowledge. Apache Tears provide a strong connection with lessons that are meant to be learnt on Earth, and are strengthening, purifying and grounding, offering protection from all negative and parasitic energies. They help us maintain a positive attitude by understanding the valuable lessons in life’s ups and downs.

Apache Tears have a very strong energy of forgiveness and help us to embrace the understanding that we are spiritual beings in a human incarnation walking the Earth for the purpose of growth and learning. They also connect us to the Faery Folk, Elementals and other energies of the natural world. 

Earth, Fire
Root, Sacral, Heart