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Aquamarine Crystal Meaning:

Aquamarine is THE cooling, calming and soothing crystal, offering relief when we feel the heat of emotions. Its energy is as cool as clear water gently flowing through us. With this energy we can let the heat of the emotions go.

This is an excellent stone for diffusing anger and assisting ease of communicating and articulating clearly. It holds the energy of truth and will always have our backs when we are standing strong in our beliefs and help us to get our point across in a cool, calm, collected way. In the presence of Aquamarine there is no room for aggressive and manipulative behaviour, as it will help release outworn fear-based patterns and programs that are no longer an effective or appropriate way of communicating in the new paradigm.

Aquamarine reminds us to take a deep breath and exhale our frustrations away, and to voice our dissatisfactions effectively without getting caught up in emotions. An excellent crystal for those who are prone to snapping and having angry outbursts.