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Aventurine (Green):

This is a stone of good luck and good fortune, bringing the fresh and happy energy of optimism to any challenging situation. Work with Aventurine if you are ready to make positive changes in your life, without being attached to the outcomes of your manifestations.

Green Aventurine reminds us that everything in nature is cyclic and that change is always certain. In the presence of Green Aventurine we can reframe our perspective when things don’t go according to plan and learn to be in gratitude for unexpected blessings in disguise.

Green Aventurine encourages us to enjoy the ever-changing flow of life. It assists in letting go of old hurts and replacing that space in our heart with hope.

Water, Earth

Aventurine (Blue):

Blue Aventurine is the stone to work with when we want to start taking responsibility for our own actions and life path. It helps us to overcome bad habits by strengthening willpower and self-discipline. It assists in recalibrating our thoughts and our reactions to life’s challenges so that we can become more creative, empowered and positive versions of ourselves.

It’s a very inspiring and peaceful crystal that wants us to work on shedding old patterns and programs that are weighing us down. A very creative energy, Blue Aventurine encourages us to think outside the box.

Third Eye