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Azurite Crystal Meaning:

Azurite is a clairvoyant stone of vision and intellect, it helps us to put pieces of the puzzle together when we receive little intuitions, hunches, signs and inner knowings, almost like reading between the lines of pages in a book.

Azurite helps our mind to be a sponge; rapidly learning things on the Spiritual plane, as well as maintaining the focus in studying or any kind of learning. It is a perfect crystal to enhance psychic gifts for anyone working as a Reader, or can be used to bring more insightful awareness into daily life for anyone in any vocation. It helps you take a step back and have a look at all the information to see the truth of any situation or story.

This is a stone of courage, honesty and discernment. A great crystal for lightbulb moments, discernment, knowledge, truth and just “getting it”.

Third Eye, Crown