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Fionnuala Psychic Reader

Potently Psychic all her life, Fionnuala's intent is to provide you with clarity and accurate insights to see beyond first appearances to the significance of your situation and your concerns for deep understanding, peace, confidence and change.

Formerly a legal advocate, Fionnuala now advocates for mind, body, soul integration and wellness. In-between a busy legal career and raising a family she has been helping others by using her psychic gifts and healing modalities for over 30 years. Although she loves and has an affinity with the Tarot often incorporating images from it during readings, she rarely uses the actual cards, preferring to tune directly into the relevant energies.

During your session Fionnuala will draw upon which ever tools she feels are needed including Colour Frequency Analysis, Mediumship and Irish Celtic Traditions. Several topics can be addressed in the same session which is often as humorous as it is pertinent.

If you are struggling, looking for answers or in need of direction Fionnuala would be glad to help you in an enlightening reading.