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Rainbow Fluorite:

Fluorite is a go-to for mental clarity, memory and information retention. It’s a great electromagnetic field (EMF) shield, making it perfect for the office or study, or for assisting with focus and intent on your altar or in meditation. Fluorite has a powerful ability to abolish chaos and bring things into order, making it a perfect ally for manifestation. 


Aqua Fluorite:

Removes fear, releases and heal anger, letting go of pain and emotional upsets.

Blue Fluorite:

Feel at peace with your mind, release negative thought patterns, enhance creativity.

Gold Fluorite:

Enhance creativity, think outside the box solutions, master manifestation stone!

Green Fluorite:

Assist with mental clarity, organising thoughts and ideas, clears away obsolete thoughts.

Purple Fluorite:

Allows your Spirit to feel at peace, understanding your part in the universal plan, psychic development. 

White Fluorite:

Emotional, mental and physical clarity, assist with psychic abilities and intuition, aura cleansing.