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Gold Crystal Meaning:

The highly regarded Gold is most commonly found in the USA and Australia. Gold is one of the most valuable metals to the human race. Humans valued it so much that it was created as currency, invested in, and turned into the most glamorous items be it jewellery, crown treasures and more.

However, on a metaphysical level, and unsurprisingly, Gold stands for abundance, bringing in wealth and success. There is a sense of creation, vitality and endurance related to Gold. As Gold does not rust, the idea denotes stability, durability, permanence and tolerance. So in times of struggle where one must exude formidable strength, Gold is highly appealing.

Gold is said to assist with self potential and realization, bringing out ones confidence and true self, though not in an egotistical way. Instead, Gold beckons one to realise their potential in a humble and gracious way. Dissolving fear, trauma, inferiority, greed and any sense of inner turmoil.