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 As a professional Evolutionary Astrologer and Tarot Reader since 2012, and a business and leadership coach for 20 years, Jen supports and guides multitudes of unique souls on their quest for clarity, understanding and purpose. 

Jen works with your Natal Chart and the Tarot, as well as her natural claircognizance, to help you align with your purpose and connect with your true essence. Using the planets and luminaries as your own personal compass, you'll gain golden insights into the most beneficial ways to navigate your experiences in this lifetime and realise your unique potential. Through a consultative and nurturing process, you'll break down the barriers and challenges to your fulfilled life, and illuminate the strengths in your chart, so you can make decisions from a place of calm, power and trust. 

You'll leave a session with Jen with a deeper understanding and appreciation of your unique Soulprint, increased clarity around your purpose, and practical, actionable steps to bring the life of your dreams to fruition.