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Jo Psychic Reader

Jo has a natural psychic - intuitive ability and many years experience in working with the Tarot imparting messages from Spirit, offering intuitive health and wellbeing advice and answering your questions.

During her many years working as a healer and running choirs Jo realised that while she worked with bodies and voices she she was receiving messages for the people she was working with. As her intuitive practice deepened she became more passionate about the benefits of natural therapies which lead to studying essential oils, sound healing, crystals and becoming a Reiki and Pellowah practitioner and a Neuro Stress Release Therapist.

As well as her work in Natural Therapies Jo discovered the Tarot to be a valuable tool full of ancient wisdom and modern psychology that more and more people are turning towards and becoming fascinated with. She has had over 30 years experience helping people to heal and assisting them to understand themselves and their path though life.

Receive uplifting guidance to help you get to the heart of issues and make the choices that will be the best for your life progress.