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This beautiful crystal is so gentle and feminine. She opens the third eye and helps you to trust in your woman’s intuition. A favourite for assisting with emotional blockages that remain after trauma, Lepidolite is perfect for letting go and moving forward in the healing process.

Incredibly gentle and soothing, Lepidolite has a balancing effect on fiery emotions and a calming effect on anxiety and worry. Lepidolite reminds us that there is a fine line between our adventurous nature and recklessness.

She wants us to stay on the side of peace, harnessing our inner flame and fire to transition, take a new direction, or work on building something new. Most of all, Lepidolite asks us to quieten the mind and reframe negative emotions into constructive points of reference.

The purple colour comes from Lithium so Lepidolite is also great for snoozing soundly and creating calm.