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Moldavite is a tektite. It was formed from a great meteor strike where the force of the meteor entering the Earth's atmosphere created a plasma, which vaporised particles of the Earth and particles of the Meteorite. These particles then evaporated and condensed and rained back downed onto Earth in the form of beautiful little green jewels.

This crystal awakens us to our true purpose and is a powerful stone for awakening the new consciousness on Earth. It connects to our star origins and will guide us through the necessary spiritual journeys that have to happen in order to raise our vibration.

Moldivite has been known to take people on rapid transformational journeys. Once the work is done, the light of the illuminated soul is turned on and cannot be turned back off.

Many people have a love hate relationship with Moldivite as people are either drawn to it or repulsed by it. Once you’re called to work with this precious gem, be ready to embrace the changes necessary to become who you truly came here to be. Don’t be afraid of this path, there is nothing to fear as Moldivite will protect you along the way.

All, especially Heart and Third Eye