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Peter Rule Psychic Reader

Be enlightened by messages from the stars. In your Life Path Astrology reading Peter will assist you to find power, purpose and direction and give clarity for your journey through life.

Peter has 30 years experience in the health, wellness and Spiritual areas and has traveled the world learning and gathering his knowledge. Peter is an Astrologer as well as a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner, Crystal Light Therapist and Naturopathic Doctor.

By analysing your Birth Chart and the Numerology of your Birth Date Peter can offer valuable insights into relationships and compatibly, career and finance, family and friends, current and future Astrological transits and their effects, numerology of personal life path and your current year path, numerology of house numbers and much more.

Would you like to be empowered and Inspired about your life with Inspired Astrology? Peter is always happy to answer your questions and loves to share his in-depth understanding of Astrology as well as offer you compassionate Spiritual Coaching.

His approach is to empower you as an individual on your sacred journey through inspired astrological guidance. Inspired Astrology is a dynamic system that is always moving and growing as we are evolving.