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"Anchoring into Being, we nourish the heart and rise above, by going within."

Embody Peace beyond concept, beyond time as you centre, ground and shift into lasting mindful awareness. Anchor into the stillness of Being and discover a timeless inner sanctuary under the loving guidance of Shivallah.

Shivalla's facilitated techniques for Anchoring into Being, guide the way to quieten the noisy mind and settle into our true nature of Peace. In a session with Shivallah you will be provided with the opportunity to integrate profound healing through centering, grounding and deepening your hearts sensitivity.

We can nurture and strengthen our vulnerabilities, thus experience a quantum shift from personality matrix into Being.


Shivallah Dharma is an Emissary of Peace, International Speaker and Visionary Mystic, renowned for his calming voice, peaceful presence and illuminating insight. Having died in a car accident at the age of 19 years, a spiritual awakening and rebirthing process was ignited. Thus began a dedicated life-long immersion into Eastern mystic teachings, meditation, mindfulness and the healing arts. For over 4 decades, Shivallah has touched and inspired the lives of many through his teaching transmissions, healing modalities, transformational workshops and trainings.